Thursday, May 15, 2008

The S.O.

This is the S.O., Significant Other, Robert the Hunter :-D We never have to buy meats of any kind. These days with fuel so expensive that's a real God send. We plan to plant a garden when we FINALLY sell the house in FL. We have a home I'm SE Alabama and are chomping at the bit to get there and start work.
It's amazing the difference between the two states! We have 1 acer with well and a nice double wide in Fl, $180,000. In AL we have 10 acers with a nice single wide and it was just under $40,000. And the property taxes, that's really amazing. In Fl we don't have to pay nearly as much as so many of the people you hear about in the news, but compared to Al, it's at least a $400. difference. We are graced with NOT being one of the thousands on the verge of losing their home.
The house depicted above is the "hunting lodge", as it were. In the summer there are a/c units in the windows and in the winter you use a lot of blankets. Yes, there is running water and toilets. I get an incredible amount of knitting done during the hunting season and in the off season we do property improvements like fencing in the 10 acers. We've got to finish two of the four perimeters.
Well, gotta go do some work, then I'll have time to post some of my knitting projects :)

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