Saturday, May 17, 2008

The four legged children


Brewer Dino


In my family, I am often teased about the many four-legged children. My favorite response is "I work for dog food" :)

I thought I'd like to put some of their pictures up since I'd done so with my "other" children.

Our Matriarch is Miss Sheila, she's a Heeler, or Queensland Heeler, or Cattle dog - blue. She is 13 yrs. old as of January.

The black Lab is Brewer, as in he'll drink your brew if you leave it unattended. Brewer is 11 yrs. old as of last November and our "Old Man".

Next is Rody, he's our only mix and my baby. He' getting a little gray now too. He's going to be 8 yrs. old in late October. We're both October babies. This dog is the vassal that carries my heart.

Then there is Dino. :) He came to us as an adult. He's about 4yrs old now and a mixed tri-color Heeler. I saw a picture of him in the Vet's office and thought he'd be good breeding stock. As it turned out he was very good breeding stock, but he was so focused on the female (not shown) that he was losing weight. After the puppies were born and distributed for free, because we hadn't planned on a litter, we gave the female to a cousin in AL because she was making Sheila's life a hell.

And last, but by not means least, is our newest addition, Jindo. Jindo is the Chinese word for his breed which is also a Heeler - Red. We waited three years for this little guy, who is not so little any more. He's frighteningly intelligent, as in he watches everything you do. When I make coffee he comes and puts his paws on the counter and watches every detail, the same with my S.O. when he drives his truck. We decided to really keep an eye on him in case he decides to go for a ride or to make coffee. After all, he's not insured and I don't want him to spill water everywhere. He will be 1 yr. old in July this year.

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