Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knit & Crochet

I finished this a few days after my last post. It was made with yarn my Mother bought when Erica was born. She was going to crochet something at that time, I assume for Erica, but didn't get around to it as Poppy died.

I found papers relating to that time in the bag years ago before she died. I remember thinking at the time she was going to use it to keep her mind off of the troubles at the time. I was extremely depressed and we were moving into the house off of Harney Rd.

Nice to be able to make something for one of her great grandchildren with it. It's a kind of continuance for me. I also used Crochet, which she was quite good at. There are several doilies around in the family and extended family, some of which are really impressive.

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