Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My First Blog

This is the light of my Noni-hood. My first grandchild. I have to say that he has brought me more joy than I could have imagined.

You know here in Fl, you see those bumper stickers that say, "If I'd known being a grandparent was so much fun, I'd have done it first" ? Well now I know what they were talking about. He is my youngest child, my daughter's, first and only born.

My son has decided to get in on the action and I'm very much looking forward to all of the wonderful knitting I'm going to be able to do. I'm so excited that I've already started.

I completed my first baby blanket for the newest member of the family even before we know the sex of the child. The parents-to-be don't really don't care what the child is and I have to agree. My only motive for wanting to know is to enable me to pick applicable yarn colors - selfish I know :P

As far as the name of the Blog, The Blissful Knitter, the sweater that my grandson is wearing is my first "child" creation and, of course, it is too big, but that is a good thing with children because they grow like weeds, literally.

It was done on US8 straight needles and it's a basket weave. I love to collect patterns, but I've discovered something about myself. I collect a ridiculous amount of patterns and then graph my own creations with elements of the patterns. This was one such creation.

Originally it was to be just the blue you see, but when he and I went to get a little more to finish the project he decided he wanted the red you see in the picture. Soooo we ended up with Spider Man colors and since he and my Son are both SM freaks, that worked out just fine. all's well that ends well.

Well, this is the end of my first blog and I must say that I think my, My space, just died. This is so much more user friendly and it doesn't take four days to load when you have no choice except dial up because of where you live.

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