Saturday, May 17, 2008

#1 Noro Kureyon Bag

This is a bag that I have been having trouble getting the dowels for and then it took me forever to find the end pieces, the balls. I finally found them at JoAnne fabrics Etc. and they were only $.99. The dowel came from the local Home Depot.

I started out at the bottom using Plymouth Tweed, color 5319 on us8 needles and then I was at the local yarn shop, one of only two in about 150 miles, and saw the Noro Kureyon color 184 lot D. That was that!

I'm in love with this stuff. It's 100% wool, but it's hand died and the da__ things cost $8.50 each skein. I will buy more of those if I can find them. The other skeins of the same yarn, different color were $11 each, but I bought 3 of them that day and am still using them.

Anyway, since I'd started out using the us 8's I kept using them with the new color I added in, even though they called for a us 7. As you can see it turned out quite pretty. I wish I could have used only the 184 D, but there wasn't any more :(

It felted really well and I will do MUCH better with my next one.

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