Monday, June 29, 2009


I couldn't get Marcus into the picture, but we had a great time. ( this underline funtion won't quite, making me crazy, never had this problem b4)

The Action in this was so good that Marcus actually got motion sickness a little. Cute.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Blessings

I was
blessed to see these on Chenoah's facebook page. I'm so happy that she is vigilant with the camera, these are just so beautiful. There is a whole sequence of them that I hope to add to my photos on facebook. They are just great of Jacques, my son, in case you don't know who these people are. Also my grandson Jude and Chenoah, my son's other half. Really great pics that they both took, it looks like. LOL

Time with TJ

After the weekend with Marcus I had TJ, that would be Tiylor Jacob, on Tuesday. He wasn't in a great mood that night so I waited till Friday evening and got one of the little doll baby.

He didn't let me get the really good one of the big smile, but there will be other days, Inshallah.

He grows so fast it makes me VERY aware of time passing. Allah, let me live a while longer to see them all make it through college, at the least, please. :-D

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Weekend with Marcus

The Saturday of June 6th weekend. We had so much fun. Robert took us to the CiCi's Pizza on Friday and the we went to Wal-Mard and didn't even crash until after midnight!! Then we had a good breakfast and hung out at the house until we could go see the movie. We wanted to see Transformers, but it's not out yet. So we saw A Nit at The Museum, #2. It was really funny and we both had a good time. We both also ate plenty of sugar and pop corn. Then we came home and had hotdogs and baked beans. We were FULL! As you can see, it was a full day. We don't get to see each other a lot so we cram a lot in all at the same time. :-D