Thursday, November 19, 2009


Moving Day!

What a mess, lol. Well it doesn't look like much but it is really beautiful.

Ten acres in the middle of nowhere is a wonderful thing.
Rody thinks so too. He acts like a puppy even though we are getting a little silver.
The house in the bacground is the nearest neighbor and they were friendly a few years back when we bought the place, but haven't said word one since we arrived. They probably feel like we have invaded. I would too, I guess. Word is they tried to buy the propery b4 we did. I am sorry about that, but very happy for ourselves. (insert big grin here)

I've got some of my Florida plants at the window for light and they will probably winter in the house so I don't loose them. We have arrived at the begining of winter. I really missed Fall, living in Fl. The colors are as vivid as I remembered them being.

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