Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The New Noni Bag #1

As you may have noticed by what I wrote I wasn't all together pleased with this bag. I tried using it and it kept sliding around, back and forth on the dowels. So....I removed the dowels and attached some hardy straps.

I also removed about 2 1/2" from the bottom because it was just too much. I was capable of carrying just too much, which means a person would FILL it up and when the S.O. said "would you put this in there for me?" there would be enough room. If any of you have a husband, you know that once you put anything of HIS in there, it will become a catch all in the future.

It's bad enough that bags this size become a chatch all for all of YOUR stuff, you don't need any help filling it up and if you have any younger children left at home, you WILL need the larger version because you DEFINATELY need to keep track of all of their STUFF!!

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Emily said...

True. The bigger the purse...the more stuff ends up in there. lol I get the SO back sometimes by asking him to carry my stuff in his pockets when we go out. haha. Big purses are nice for sneaking snacks into the movies though. They charge way too much! Ttyl! :-)