Friday, August 5, 2011

A Day with my Daughter and Son

August 02, 2011

What a great day to spend some time together. 
I unexpectedly had a day off in the middle of the weed and got to spend it with my daughter and grand son.
The weather was actually pretty good. By good I mean it rained on the way there, which ment it cooled off.

Our Intended Destination

As you can see by this picture it was sunny for a little while and boy did that make it hot!  Then Tyilor got 
into some water splashing and jumping around not to mention the climbing and rope bridge walking.  Mommy said she had to work to keep up, lol

Then there was tree climbing and then adventures over the rope bridge and all over those two floors and then back over the bridge and down again.  It was so much fun watching him on his trek you could see he was practically dragging poor Mommy along and she was having trouble providing the "balancing" hand that he needed so much. :-P

They finally made it back down to the ground and by then we'd all worked up a fearsome appetite, what with them trekking all over Elmo's tree house and myself  following down below with my trusty camera, we all decided it was time to procure some "GRUB!" 
Tyilor inspecting his french fry and we also had a guest who was more than happy to help out with whatever TY was to busy to eat himself or he deemed unworthy of his attentions, lol.

At first I thought he'd be really hungry, but I think that he got a regular diet as he was actually picky enough to NOT eat the french fries.

We got to see the primates, which turns out were one of Ty's favorite attractions.

I got to take a few "tourist" type pictures too, any way, fun was had by all and we were all sufficiently tired when it was time to head home.

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