Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plants in bloom

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This picture was taken just a few minutes ago to show how fast the blooms are taking off.  The previous one was taken earlier in the week. Pretty fast, ha?

Those little ducks came from Rachel, Ma-maw, in TN.  Every time my grandson comes to visit he wants to play with them. They are so cute they're hard to resist. Since they were outside in snow the enamel on them has spider web cracks in it and if handled too much, it flakes off :(

Everything is growing so well that I'm beginning to feel that soil and pots are going to be on the "need" list soon :P

I have a couple more pics to post of the apartment and the plants.  I really love this place. It matches exactly what I was looking for, for myself.  I think the only way it could be better would be if it were a house, but then I'd have to mow the grass, lol. Even the Electric bill is civilized, but then the complex is only about three years old.

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