Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Home In Florida

The Kitchen
This is the kitchen before I put anything in it  :-D

Dining room's accent wall and molding.

One of the deciding factors of this apartment for me was when I walked in and saw the molding AND the accent wall. That was pretty much that, lol. 

The laundry room.

The apartment complex has a referral going with the appliance company to rent if you don't have any and the prices are great!

This looks kinda of small till you walk in and look to your right. Then you are very pleased.  In the apartment in TN, a person practically had to step into the tub to shut the door! I have space for 3 rugs, the one for the toilet, the tub and in front of the counter :D

This is just inside my closet.  I love it, especially since I can use Daddy's Armour for the sewing supplies :)  Then you walk the rest of the way in and it's a small room.  A very happy "woman" closet.

Odd angle, but you get the idea ;)  Needless to say, I have to control myself when I go to the Masjid where there is a wonderful discounted clothing "store", lol.  The clothes are donated for one reason or another, usually to buy more.  My favorite style of clothing, the three piece Indian/Pakistani sets are in staggering abundance :D

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