Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just a litte Flourish

I did this, this afternoon. I was looking for a button for a little knitted cell phone holder I'd made and the ribbons and trimmings caught my eye.

I wear Hijab everywhere, but in the sunshine my eyeglass shades don't keep the sun from coming in over the top, so I wear hats over my scarf. 28 years after becoming a civilian, NOW I love hats? Go figure!

It's not very bright, but I needed it to be neutral while also being pretty so it wouldn't matter what color my clothes or scarf were. Any decoration I add is always worn in the back of the hat.

This is another one the hats I wear with my scarf. This one is hand made in South America. I got it a few years ago at the Florida State Fair. The back is shallower than the front, which means I can drive with it on. =D

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MYGA said...

This is actually a pretty trendy style :)