Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Latest addition

Jude Valentin was born on October 25th at 4:15 ish am and is my Son, Jacques and his S.O.'s, Chenoa's, first born and my second grand child.
Ain't life grand sometimes.
My step Mom, Rachel, got to see him in person first since she lives just a state over and I couldn't find a ticket at this time of year that I could afford.
At least I got to hear how well Jacques interacts with him and learned that he's a natural. I knew Chenoa would do well just talking to her, but sometimes kids used to stress Jacques out, but he has brought his usual mellow self over to parenthood. Of course that will all change the first time they have to run to the ER with a cut or something like that. He'll be real calm and then fall out when it's all under control. LOL
He used to have a very calming effect on me in later years when I'd get all freaked out over something and he'd say "Mom, if it's supposed to be, it will be, calm down!" Typical, our children are teaching us now :) I'm happy to learn.

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Emily said...

He is so cute! I got to see more pics on Chenoa's Facebook page. He is adorable and a lot of his expressions remind me so much of Jacques. :-) Congrats!