Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend at the races

Wishful thinking :) Ice Cream on a cold day More wishful thinking. Can you see that price tag?

A day at the races and classic and muscle cars. This is the culmination of an active weekend with my eldest grand child. We went to see Madagascar: escape 2 Africa on Saturday afternoon. The first 10 mins. made me laugh till I cried, it was great and a good lesson too, as all Disney movies are.

It was cold for Florida after a cold front came through on Sat. afternoon. That's why we did the movie on Sat and the races on Sun, so we wouldn't get rained on :-D Nonis think ahead. We got 10 brand new Hot Wheels in packages for $1 a piece and found a vendor who was selling coffee for a civilized price of only $1 per cup, 8 oz., instead of $2 per cup. They really see you coming at these things, and then if it's cold they have you by the chill bumps.

Anyway, we had a great weekend even though he was sick, you couldn't tell. His cold meds. worked really well, no coughing or runny nose. Good old grape!

His Birthday is the 24 th, but we'll be partying on the following weekend so there'll be more pics then.

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