Sunday, May 17, 2009

My recent projects

This is a project I started while I was in Tn. helping my step-Mom.  More accurately, I started on it in my head and didn't get to actually start on it until I'd been home for a while.

It's a really big Granny Square without the "gaps" and it's a rectangle, not a square. I did a few "swatches" while in Tn. trying to make rectangles because squares have to be really big to actually cover you up if you are an adult and our beds are rectangles not squares. I don't like how the gaps catch little fingers and toes, not to mention my own.  :P

Here is a close up of the detail.  I love these things because you can use a lot of the yarns that you don't have enough of  to finish any one project.  

Because of the many colors, you can put them in quite a few different rooms with completely different color schemes and they still work, better in some than others.

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