Saturday, September 13, 2008

September Visit to Tennessee

I got a lot of sewing done and finally got to spend some quality time with my Step-Mom. Both of my parents have passed over so I usually call her Mom2 after her e-mail.

Since her surgery in February, when we almost lost her, she is doing much better. She's off of the feeding system and eating real food. She wasn't gaining any weight and we were getting worried, but now we know why. Her thyroid (?) wasn't cooperating. They don't think there's any cancer, but still need to do some "figgerin" to fix the problem.

I will have pics of the visit if I can find the Kodak easy share software or get them to send another copy of it. I suspect it's in Alabama in a box!

She's about 6' with shoes on and still hasn't broken 100 lbs. yet. It's not like she's not eating, her body just won't let her gain any weight. She has finally gotten her home empty of the free loaders (family of course) and it has made all the difference in her state of mind. Stress will keep you from gaining weight also. I discovered this when I was there five weeks out of eight earlier in the year and lost 15 pounds myself with all of the stress of caring for her stroke victim husband and then her too when she was able to come home after 32 days in the hospital.
Anyway, all is much better now :-D
Suphanna Allah!!

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